Reviews Stealing Venice

It swept me away

“I really enjoyed Anna Bendewald’s novel because it took me away from my daily life with colorful characters and plenty of suspense. (I love Hitchcock’s comment that “action is a bomb going off under the table during dinner. Suspense is knowing there’s a bomb under the table.”)

Stealing Venice kicked off my summer vacation in stunning locations, let me hang out in the glamorous Venetian palazzos and French chateaus, with seductions happening left right and center all knowing there’s a bomb under the table… and his name is Salvio Scortini. I didn’t like him, but I almost felt sorry for him, like why didn’t anyone ever get him some therapy or something? Anger management classes? Lithium? Overall, a very fun read.”
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The evocative descriptions makes you feel like you are right there vicariously watching it play out…

“Anna Bendewald is a writers, writer. A very strong opening first page poses and intriguing question that will leave you wanting to know more. as I did. The evocative descriptions makes you feel like you are right there vicariously watching it play out for yourself. I’m only four chapters in, BUT absolutely well done so far!”
Sally Primrose
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This is going to be the Summer Read of 2018!

“WOW – These two families take ‘keeping up appearances’ to a whole new level! This is going to be the Summer Read of 2018 – I couldn’t put it down! Just when I think I know what is going on, I am surprised again. I’m not one for sappy romance, but I’m a sucker for real seduction and these characters deliver. No spoilers here so I won’t say which ones. I’m also a fan of dialogue, I hate when a writer tells me everything the characters are thinking. Let me hear them in their own voices. Bendewald has a gift for dialogue so fresh and real that these outlandish people are forever in my psyche. Do yourself a favor and download this book now! And, Anna, please be sure to get the next one published ASAP!”
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Stealing Venice is such a delightful guilty pleasure!

“So I’m not one for E-Books but stumbling upon Stealing Venice was delightful and I didn’t hesitate at all when purchasing it. While reading it, it felt like a guilty pleasure, (soap opera like). I plowed through the book in two days tops! It had suspense, some action and really great characters. You know an author is well written when they can craft up characters and those characters are a static, specific image in your head moving about with the characteristics given to them. There was some really good writing that really caught me and made me appreciate the story too. Some phrases caught my attention too and they were really nice gems that helped developed the plot of the story. It’s mainly about family, history and the pursuit of love!”
Amanda Vong
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“Stealing Venice” ‘Stole’ My Undivided Attention!!

“This was a very thrilling, sensual, steamy, and entertaining read! Stealing Venice has an array of intriguing and fascinating characters that play such a major role in this gripping piece of work.

“Stealing Venice” is based upon two of the most powerful and predominant families in the city of Venice. The Scortinis, who built Venice, and then the Veronas –the ‘Royal’ family who founded Venice. The Verona’s have a special and secret relationship with the people of Venice, the Catholic Church, as well as with the Pope. This secret relationship between the Verona’s and each Pope is very important and this unique relationship goes as far back as the original Pope.

One of the main characters is a beautiful young sensual artist named Giselle and although she loses herself in her sculptures, and throughout the story gets ‘freed’ from her suppressed emotions, she still remains trapped.

Another key character is Salvio Scortini; although he is the heir to one of the most powerful families in Venice, he is innately a very shallow and weak man with low self-esteem. His late father and grandfather were both men of honor and were very much respected in the city of Venice. His fore-fathers even gained the attention and respect from the Pope, something Salvio desperately craved. Despite Salvio’s confession of being a devout Christian, he is a self-centered and disrespectful man who does not seem to comprehend that respect is earned and not demanded.

“Stealing Venice” is centered on a crumbling neighborhood in the city of Venice and the ‘Holy’ objective is to rebuild this historical neighborhood to reflect an ‘enlightening’ vision that is a shared not only by a beautiful young sculptural designer, but also by none other than the Holy Father himself, Pope Leopold XIV. Thus, this was the single biggest building project that the city of Venice has ever known. And because of the Scortini family’s name and their deep roots in the city of Venice, Salvio felt entitled to the position of primary facilitator as it related to the renovation of this ‘legendary’ housing project called (Verdu Mer).

However, when he discovered that the Father of the Veronas, (Count Gabrieli), was assigned as project Chief, he was instantly filled with extreme outrage, betrayal, and jealousy; because in his mind, as a Scortini this grand housing project should have automatically been appointed to him and since it wasn’t, he felt robbed! Hence, from his twisted perspective, this monumental housing project that was to take place in the city that his family founded had been ‘STOLEN’ from him. (Now this is when the story really begins to ‘steal’ your attention)!

Although the Veronas had a few family secrets, they were a very philanthropic family with deep love and integrity for all humankind. However, to gain control of the Venice housing project, Salvio was extremely driven to expose and degrade the Verona family name “by all means necessary” in order to satisfy his ‘selfish’ desire. This psychopath literally went through HELL trying to destroy the Verona name; because in his mind he thought this was his ‘divine’ duty.

One of the most important messages I extracted from Stealing Venice stems from one of the main character’s Salvio:
Salvio’s was a very lonely, selfish, and miserable human being who had no respect or love for anyone. His character portrays how a human being’s ‘extreme’ conviction for any religious ‘idea’ of this universe can mentally drive you insane. Salvio was a man who was so ‘possessed’ by the christian idea of this universe that he began to believe that he himself was a direct manifestation of the Almighty.

Thus, what he failed to recognize was that the devout and selfish love that he had formed for this ‘isolated’ idea of this universe disconnected him from everyone else. He was a man that had thoroughly convinced himself of the idea that he was indeed the “Son of God” and not once realizing that he was actually the ‘Devil’ in disguise. To the author Anna, marvelous job!”
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“The author takes us on a lush and evocative journey through some of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful settings as we follow the story of the fabled Verona and Scortini families. The characters are as richly woven as a centuries old tapestry, and as the tale unfolds with its twists and turns, you are drawn into its mysterious depths. Simmering within the pages is an underlying story of love and romance at its most beguiling. I could barely put it down.”
JP Morgan
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Loved, loved

“Loved, loved, loved the book and can’t wait for the next one! A lot racier than what I read…took me out of my comfort zone…but you have me hooked! The character map you did was fun. I have never been to any of the places in your book but I felt as if I was right there with them. You are a fantastic writer Mrs. Bendewald! Now hurry up and get us the next one!!!”
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Great summer book!!!

“Fantastic locations, intriguing and lovable characters, and a fast-paced, sexy story line. Loved it!”
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Stealing Venice shines!

“Captivating and gorgeous read! Perfect for your summer vacation!”
Ce Finkle
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A must read!

“Anna Bendewald is a master at her craft! Stealing Venice is must read book that gets you hooked from the first chapter. 5 out of 5 stars!”
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These two families take ‘keeping up appearances’ to a whole new level!

“Eriksson-Bendewald builds tension and pace until you’re breathless.”
Heather Church
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“Bendewald’s characters grab you by the collar and speed you along.”
Cindy Lytle
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“Stealing Venice is un-f#cking putdownable!”
Kate Summers
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“Thrilling escapism that keeps you on the edge of your seat and has a juicy sexy core!”
Judith Engler
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