Surviving Venice: Book 3

Surviving Venice 3
The action begins the morning after Salvio learns what happens when you bring a knife to a gun fight. A war of biblical proportions is building to its final battle and still the pawns don’t see where they stand. Detective Lampani doggedly investigates as the bodies pile up—hoping to close the case before whatever’s wrong with his head kills him.

Raphielli Scortini discovers she has a rebellious streak a mile wide, and Gina the flower girl lives out her wildest fantasy as she strives to save the Verona family. In exile Giselle struggles to find a creative outlet as her guardians put a damper on her dangerous inclinations. The architects of destruction discover too late that they’re disappearing one by one.

“Anna Erikssön Bendewald shows no sign of letting up! Cancel your plans and get swept away with these outrageously likable villains and heroines!”

Jane Bergstrom